TheVonkel process

For your peace of mind, here’s a basic review of the process you can expect on your journey with Vonkel Jewellery Design. We will end with a beautiful “thing” but we must start with an authentic relationship!

Step 1 - Appointment

Ready to wear your heart on your sleeve? I invite you to schedule an appointment. Just bring yourself and any knowledge you’ve acquired about your beloved’s style. I will guide you through any unknowns. If you have a proposal date and price consideration in mind, then you’re ahead of the game.

Step 2 - Concept Drawings

Some things are better done the old school way. My favourite part of the process, I take my HB pencil and a blank page, and draw up some concept ideas and drawings from different angles and options, to get the creative juices flowing, and your bespoke jewellery piece going.These would be a range of ideas that you would get to choose from.

Step 3 - Quotation

Once the design is finalized, we can talk in numbers. The quotation is normally done in 2 parts, One, being the Jewellery piece (Metal, production, setting fees, engraving, plating) and Two, the gemstones or diamond options on the table. In this way, we can determine how much our budget allows for the ideal diamond, and source that stone in Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity accordingly.

Step 4 - 3D Drawing

Technology is on our side, and this is why I have a 3D Cad drawing drawn up for most jewellery pieces, to show you exactly what your piece will look like once finished.

Step 5 - Production

This is where I get my hands dirty and engage in the amazing process of working in noble metals!

Step 6 - Delivery

Either by hand or per courier, I am proud to deliver a lovely wrapped Vonkel parcel for your enjoyment!